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Staying Alive

Before I post about the great time we had at the AGB Montessori Gala last night, which won’t mentioned cochlear implants at all, I wanted to say that even though the evening (for us) was mostly about Cued Speech…

At one point in the evening while the DJ was spinning various popular songs, Lindsay realized suddenly that she could actually hear the track he was playing. There have been times in the past year that she asked me whether she was hearing a certain song, in a bar or restaurant, perhaps, and was disappointed to be wrong. Last night she nailed it: Staying Alive, by the BeeGees.

A look to the dance floor gave her all the confirmation she needed: a sea of arms spastically pointing fingers to the air and to the floor. Ten o’clock, four o’clock, ten o’clock, four o’clock…stayin’ alive! stayin’ alive!


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