Mickie the Audiologist is Swell

I’m scooping this scoop!

LJ got an email from Mickie the Audiologist today, with the news that the FDA still hasn’t approved the Naída CI in the United States. A few months ago, she had booked two appointments post-surgery: one as a “turn-on” date, and another for the 1-week mapping adjustments. Because Lindsay’s processors aren’t officially legal yet, she missed the first date this week, but kept next week in hopes that at any minute now…

Knowing that Lindsay is probably ready to get this show on the road, Mickie also wrote that she had managed to cobble together (her precise words were “compiled”) a processor from bits and bobs at the hospital that Lindsay could borrow next Tuesday! It won’t be the new’n’fancy…we’re not even sure what she has put together, but even if it weighs fifty pounds and makes everything sound like nails on chalkboard (it won’t), it’s a start until her very own pieces get shipped.

Exciting! and let me just say that every single audiologist I’ve ever met (or talked to) has been so kind, and/or interesting, and/or inspiring. In a fit of love for Audiology, I actually looked online into what it would take to become one, myself…but I doubt I’d pass the Math necessary.

That’s OK. I’ll strive to be like an audiologist, instead. Thanks, Mickie!


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