In Berlin!

Lindsay and I are in Berlin, for our year-delayed honeymoon. And headed to Italy soon. We spent the week before we left packing and preparing, so I didn’t get to write much about the drama that accompanied the arrival of the Naida processor…needless to say it seemed to us that Advanced Bionics was fairly disorganized in the deployment of devices and parts. Lindsay got all sort of parts that she didn’t order, and didn’t get some parts that she did order, and it took nearly a week to get it all sorted out (and we’re still not 100% sure that we did). It wasn’t a big deal, but it was a little frustrating to go through right before a big trip.

That bit of negativity aside, the difference between the Harmony and the Naida are immediately noticable. She’s already hearing things that she didn’t before. And quieter noises too. It’s smaller than the Harmony, and the color she ordered (brown) blends with her hair better. She was a little annoyed at the new cabling system; the cable itself attaches to the magnet/mic with a lot of extra depth, but to me the entire processor is a lot less visible than the Harmony. So if you don’t want to hide your Naida, order it in hot pink.

We’re on vacation and she made a bold decision to a. not bring the rechargeable batteries and b. not bring her hearing aid. Before now she used the hearing aid a lot as a “crutch”; it was a familiar sound and in some ways provided more volume for her (as maybe we’ve mentioned before). But in a desire not to keep up with two different sets of batteries and gear she left it at home, and has been hearing the entire trip with just the CI. And so far, so good!

I wish that I could better detail the new things that she seems to be hearing. I notice, of course, when she asks me what the “pretty sound” is (usually chiming church bells, actually) and now, seemingly as a Theme for her entire cochlear implant experience, she will say “Crickets!” when we pass particularly loud critters singing at night. It’s a beginning, for sure. And she knows that her depth of sound has changed and will continue to change (hopefully). The other night she told me that she was glad that she had the implant, that it was already worth it, which I was happy to hear.

Internet/time is spotty for the last/next week or so but we’ll write again as soon as we can.


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